Girls’ lives around the globe are influenced, tracked and limited by gender norms. They strive for gender equality, open opportunities, good education and human rights. Adolescent girls and young women face barriers to achieving their goals through cultural gender norms, mansplaining, gaslighting or secondary traumatization.

ProGirls invests in the hard-working professionals working with girls, adolescent girls and young women around the world. We create livelihood networks of professionals for knowledge sharing, learning together and from each other and reflection on thoughts, feelings and best practices. 

Who We Are?

We are a group of experts in the fields of social work and girlhood studies. We have more than two decades of experience researching, developing knowledge and best practices by initiating innovative programs with and for girls, especially girls from marginalized communities. 

Our founder, Dr. Michal Komem, is an experienced social entrepreneur and researcher, specializing in developing social services for adolescent girls and young women. She currently works as an independent consultant in Israel and around the world, advising NGOs and local governments to improve their work with adolescent girls.

Selected Projects

The Global Hub

A virtual network of professionals from NGOs, multilateral organizations, government and academia, working with girls from various backgrounds. We convene on a monthly basis to connect, share expertise and learn from each other.

It takes a “village” to raise a girl child. The ProGirls initiative aims to create a village that could raise professionals working with girls. We do so by connecting professionals globally, inviting them to learn skills and gain knowledge, and cultivating a vibrant community of girls- researchers and practitioners. 

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Talking girls

Tailor made training programs for organizations and practitioners working with girls. Our training programs are rooted in the rapidly-growing body of knowledge concerning the life experiences of adolescent girls and young women. We make this knowledge accessible for practitioners, through offering focused programs, designed to the organizations' needs, capabilities and aspirations. From time to time, we also hold workshops regarding specific thematic areas (such as girls in conflict areas) to which we invite practitioners from various organizations to join.

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